when i bored , naughty , alone and i tight hug myteddy , i'm starting to DREAMS , hehe 

  I want to live with you .
  I want to live in a big house with pictures of us .
  I want to wake up every day by your inside .
  I want whisper Good Morning in your ear .
  I want  to prepare your breakfast .
  I want  eating with you .
  I want  to make you laugh .
  I want to put any fruits in your mouth .
  I want  to tell you how much i love you .  
  I want  you kiss myforehead before you go to work .
  I want to call you and ask if everything is fine .
  I want  to cooking for you everyday .
  I want to watch anything on television with you .
  I want  to call you ''PAPA'' and you call me ''MAMA''
  I want  to chill out anywhere with you .
  Iwan t  to see a movie with you .
  I want  to picnic with you .
  I want to get married and have kids .

 i just want you in my life :)

lotsoflove : sheda :))

Like Kalau Sudi ;]

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